Youth Classes

American Karate & Martial Science Youth class is almost half girls and half boys ranging from ages 6 to 12. Classes are divided by belt rank into Youth Novice class (white and gold) and Youth Intermediate class (Jr. green – Jr. black).

What happens in the Youth Novice class?

The Youth Novice (open to all belt ranks) start by lining up by rank and then a period of meditation. Next students warm-up (jumping jacks) and then stretch. Youth Novice may be asked to do a variety of activities in a given class period. Some of those activities include: conditioning, basic techniques (stances, blocks, punches, and kicks), single and combination of basic techniques with a partner, targets, and bags, kata (prearranged basic defensive and offensive techniques), self-defense with a partner, step sparring (without physical contact) and sparring (physical contact using protective gear). The class ends with another period of meditation. Parents may watch the Youth Novice class from the seating area.

What happens in the Youth Intermediate class?

The Youth Intermediate (only Jr. green belts and higher) student perform many of the same activities as the Youth Novice class, and also work on rank specific (intermediate and advanced) activities, including: step sparring, kata, self defense, break falls, and weapons (bo, kamas, and sai). (Weapons training at American Karate & Martial Science is open only to ranks Jr. purple belt and higher. Mr. Williams determines when a student has the karate skills and techniques and responsibility required for weapons training.)