Dojo Rules of Conduct

1. Always bow when entering & exiting the training area of dojo.

2. If you are late for class, drop down & perform pushups (25 for kids, 50 for adults). Bow in after the instructor acknowledges your presence.

3. Always bow to the instructor before & after performing required tasks.

4. Always bow to fellow classmates who are on the floor to perform after you.

5. Always keep your uniform neat & clean.

6. Never chew gum or wear jewelry during scheduled class times.

7. Never wash your belt nor allow it to unnecessarily touch the floor.

8. Never walk on the training floor with shoes on.

9. Male students do not wear t-shirts under their uniform top.

10. Unless otherwise instructed, always address black belts as Mr or Ms., Sir or Ma’am.

11. NEVER SAY CAN’T! It is not a word in the martial artist’s vocabulary.