What AKMS is

Many aspects define our dojo, students, and instructors. Browse around and ask questions if you want more detail.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to achieve Success through Excellence.


Reach one, teach one!

About our system:

American Karate and Martial Science is an eclectic system of martial skills which should not be confused with or considered to be a newly created martial art. It is merely my perspectives, influences and strengths of the martial arts of TaeKwon-Do, GoJu, Kenpo and modern Arnis.

What I have learned from these schools of thought have been compiled, absorbed and distributed back to my students. Therefore, I can not claim to instruct my students in the classical forms of these martial arts. It is what I have given them. Although it may not be classical, it is traditional. Traditional because there is a method and philosophy of how the martial arts have been taught and how my students will instruct their students and so on. Remember, over a period of time, even traditions change. It is every instructors hope that any changes made are positive changes which will help and aid in the growth and development of his/her particular system.